SF Peninsula RMB is a collaboration of SF Peninsula businesspeople who believe Rotarians should honor the roots of our great worldwide organization, and support one another in business. We know that prosperous Rotarians donate more time and financial resources to local and International projects than Rotarians who are struggling to make overhead. RMB is designed to increase the business opportunities for all Rotarians, and in so doing, expand the good work Rotary does, worldwide.


Redwood City Rotary Club member Dave Hyman created the first Peninsula "Rotary Means Business" group in February, 2006, with the goal of providing a regular opportunity for Rotarian business professionals to meet, socialize, discuss business, trade useful information, and promote their products and services to one another on the Peninsula.

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Dave hosted monthly RMB networking events at his catering company headquarters in Redwood City for 5+ years, but eventually the group shrank to 8, from the orginal 30, and he felt it was time to move on. During the years Dave hosted the meetings, several other RMB groups sprang up: Pacifica, San Francisco and Marin. Eventually, the Foster City Rotary Club took over managing RMB on the SF Peninsula, and from that group, SFPRMB has evolved.

We're very excited to introduce a revolutionary approach to RMB, which is centered around the 17 clubs on the Peninsula. In this model, each club will host a RMB networking event in rotation. If all 17 clubs buy into the plan, each club will host a meeting once every 17 months. We believe this will keep the meetings fresh and interesting, with each club deciding the venue and theme.

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The cost for attending an SF Peninsula RMB business networking event is $20 per attendee. SF Peninsula RMB covers all of the associated event costs, including food, up to $15 per person. The remaining $5 helps pay for marketing.

At this time, SFPRMB has no plans to charge fees to clubs for maintaining the SFPRMB website, mailing list, newsletter and overhead to keep the all-volunteer program moving forward. However, donations gratefully accepted.

We encourage each club to send at least one "mover and shaker" to each RMB event, to maintain the synergy needed to maximize the business opportunities for all Peninsula clubs.

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